Drive Shipping Instructions


Before shipping us your drive, you must complete two forms and include them with your drive:  

Drive Information Form  
Data Recovery Request Form  

Follow these shipping instructions to prevent the drive from becoming damaged during shipping.  

Shipping Instructions  

  1.    Wrap the drive in an anti-static bag or material.

  2.    Package the drive well and surround the drive with good packing materials, such as foam or bubble wrap. The drive should not be able to move inside the box. Please send the drive in a box, not in an envelope. 

  3.    Your preferred shipping service, not Data Recovery, Inc., supplies any insurance for the drive. If you require insurance, ensure that you check the insurance box on the waiver form and include the value of the hard drive. UPS insures ONLY the cost of drive replacement should damage occur, not  the contents. 


Be sure to include the following items along with your drive:  

___ Return mailing address. Cannot deliver to Post Office boxes.  
___ Preferred shipping service account number or  credit card  
       number for return shipping.  
___ Completed Drive Information Form  
___ Completed Request Form  

Mail or deliver your drive to: 
Data Recovery, Inc. 
4908 Old Oakleaf Drive, Suite 2000 
Sarasota, FL 34233 

We offer pickup and delivery service in the greater Sarasota / Tampa area for an additional charge.


Data Recovery, Inc.

4908 Old Oakleaf Drive

Suite 2000

Sarasota, FL 34233


Phone: 781-449-9990